Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The hits keep on coming...

but the blog posts don't.

Sorry for the one of you who check this still. A little busy with life for the last couple of weeks.

Things that have happened in baseball since the last post:

Um... Well I'm not sure, that's why I haven't really posted. I seem to remember the Indians scoring 22 runs against the Yankees in a game, but only splitting the series 2-2.

The last time I wrote, it looked like the Sox weren't going anywhere, but now they've run off 11 wins in row (hopefully not 12 or I owe my brother a sixer of New England local beer the next time I go back).

Interesting things I've looked at in the last few minutes:

The Pirates are over .500 and have 5 shutouts on the year. The first time someone mentioned this to me I assumed they were shutout 5 times, which seemed low for the Pirates. After a quick check though, they have indeed won 5 games where their opponents have scored zero runs.

Moments ago, the Marlins were everyone's hot team to rent another championship because they were 11-1. Now they are 11-8 and people can't run fast enough.

The Giants are averaging 3.6 runs a game, which is lowest in the majors. The Blue Jays are at just about 6 a game.

I've heard at least 12 different pronunciations of Asdrubal.

More to come at the end of the month, since that's my arbitrary 1/6 season marker.