Monday, April 19, 2010

Rotating League Name Week 1 results

are not good for me, any way you slice it.

There were 3 9-3-0 blow outs this week and only 1 particularly close matchup (Brooklyn v Obama 6-5-1).

To get a better sense of how your team did compared to the league, instead of just the 1 person you played, here's a table of normalized categories.

Because I didn't feel like doing regular roto scores, I instead came up with the summary statistics (average, median, mode, st dev) for each category through 1 week. I used that to normalize each category, then added up the results (or subtracted when appropriate). What you (hopefully) see above is the rankings based on the summed normalized scores. This is a long way of getting at how your team is doing overall, instead of looking at just how your team did versus the team you were placed against. Enjoy

For more on standardized scores, including a category by category table: [link][/link]