Sunday, March 08, 2009


Alright, still nothing in depth here, but I have caught parts of several games now.

For now, the US is 1-0 and playing a second game to make it to the next round tonight (Sunday) at 8pm. Game will be shown on ESPN.

The other major news is that Dominican Republic, a team very similar the US team, lost to someone (who cares who, really?). Since the first round is double elimination, they have to win two more games to move on.

Japan is playing Korea again Monday night, which is strange since Japan is already through by virtue of beating Korea 14-2 on Saturday. I guess the two teams that have 2 wins then have a play off to determine the pool winner for the seeding in the next round.

Contrary to my rant before, apparently someone is interneting video from all the games live. Oddly enough the site running this service is so go and enjoy, or at least go and be amazed.

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