Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Predictions (probably last of the new season)

Time for some final predictions.

First, I'm thinking Angels over Diamondbacks in the World Series.  A West coast finale is Bud Seligs nightmare, so I think its a go.

AL  Evan Longoria
There's so much hype about him as an uberplayer, so I think he makes the transition from touted prospect to top end producer.  His name and story, combined with another playoff appearance (or at least a run) are enough to put him over the edge.
Honorable mentions: I don't think any one Yankee gets enough support to win it this year, but based on the writer love shoved towards Texeiria in the pre-season, he'll get some votes if he has a decent season.  Josh Hamilton has a shot if the Rangers win some games.  Dark Horse candidates are the Orioles outfielders, at least Adam Jones or Markakis.

Favorites are the fantasy favorites Han-Ram or Pujols, but I don't think either of their team wins enough games for them to get a fair shot at the trophy.  I think it comes down to either Manny or David Wright, with the writers liking Wright's style more than Manny.
Honorable mentions: I wouldn't be surprised if K-Rod gets some attention if he keeps the Mets in the division lead down the stretch.  I'm sure some Phillies will get some votes here too.  Dark horse candidate is Adam Dunn if the Nationals win anything and he doesn't get traded to the AL.

Cy Young

Not CC, and not Cliff Lee.  I'm going out on a limb to say that Felix Hernandez is healthly all season and leads the league in K's and is top 10 in ERA.  Only thing haunting his canidacy is a lack of wins, but I think around 18 is enough.  Other strong canidate is Halladay, who is the fall back when all other pitchers aren't outstanding.

Lots of options here really.  No reason to think that Lincecum, Brandon Webb, or Santana can't repeat here, but I'm more interested to see whether Carpenter can come back into it.  If it's not Carpenter, I'm thinking that Dan Haren will finally put everything and lock this down.

Rookie of the Year and more madness to follow.

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