Thursday, May 14, 2009

League Leaders

Thought I would just post the top few players for some stats to date. This post is NL leaders only.

NL Hitting
Pujols 35
Cantu 33
Fielder 32

I will point out that all 3 names are pretty awesome for various reasons. Poop joke, the reply "Can too", and the irony of a huge 1B being named for something he's only okay at.

Pujols 33
Soriano 30

Ryan Zimmerman 51
Orlando Hudson 50

I like hits better than batting average. Because the number of hits is cooler. Try to defy that logic.

Matt Kemp 4
I certainly would not have guessed it was Kemp. Also wouldn't have guessed that 22 other National Leaguers have at least 2 triples.

More caught stealing than stolen bases (SB/CS)
David Wright (5/6)
Elijah Dukes (2/6)
Troy Tulowitzki (2/3)
Joey Gathright (1/2)
Adam Rosales (0/2)
Chris Dickerson (0/2)

There's a bunch of others that are 0 for 1.

There are 30 NL'ers who average more than 4 pitches seen per plate appearance.

Total Extra Base Hits
20 each by Raul Ibanez, Alfonso Soriano, and Ryan Zimmerman

Hit by Pitch
Chase Utley 6
Jason Kendell 5
Ryan Braun 5

Would never guess that I would see Kendall on a list with Utley and Braun.

Ground Into Double Play (or inning killer)
Andre Ethier 10 (in 36 games)
Geovany Soto 9 (in 28 games)
Ryan Zimmerman 8 (in 33 games)

I guess I should be less surprised that there are a bunch of decent players on this list because that means their teammates are getting on base in front of them.

NL Pitching
Strike Outs
Peavy 61
Santana 60
Lincecum 58
Javier Vazquez 57 (didn't expect that)

Doug Davis 5 (Glad he beat the thyroid cancer of a year ago. Not a joke, am really glad for him)
Peavy 5
Ian Snell 5
7 guys with 4 Losses, but the one of biggest note is Dan Haren, who has an ERA of 2.09. The rest of the 4 loss guys range from 4.73 to 5.79

5 guys with 5, but the best is Bronson Arroyo who has an ERA of 7.02.

Holds (cause everyone loves these)
Carlos Marmol 10 (3 saves)
JJ Putz 8 (another great name)
Jason Motte 7 (was supposed to be a closer, but apparently is a holder)

More to come from the AL.

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