Monday, June 22, 2009

More on Standardized Scores

(click for full pic, its a wide one)

Thought I would keep looking at standardized scores, so here is the would be standardized scores for another one of my fantasy leagues, this one a head-to-head league.

So, as discussed below, I standardized the point totals within each category to see what would happen. A lot of the standings remain unchanged, but 2 teams would move much higher in the standings while 1 team would plummet.

As highlighted in green, there are 5 relative outliers (anything higher than an absolute value of 1.96). It is interesting that all 5 outliers are negative (remembering that ERA and WHIP are reverse categories, so the best teams are below average in those categories).

An extreme difference lies between the top two teams (above average in 9 of 10 categories) and the bottom team (below average in all 10 categories). It is truly amazing that the Pawn Shop Ninjas are so far above average in all five offensive categories as well as strikeouts and wins.

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