Thursday, April 08, 2010

Rotating League Name Draft Analysis

Here's a load of draft analysis since we don't have any weekly results to speak of just yet.

The leftmost columns show the total and average ESPN value for each roster as of whenever it was I copied it (same as the last table). Some wide variation here, from Obama loves my team almost getting even money to the Ninjas overspending quite a bit. The caveat here is that ESPN values are for standard scoring leagues, so it is entirely possible to have spent the "right" amount on a player who isn't particularly beneficial with our scoring or "overpaid" for someone who fits our criteria quite well.

Overall, we as a league got $214 of value from our $260, meaning we spent 21% more per pick that ESPN recommended. This is not entirely surprising as we spent our money on 21 players instead of the 25 in ESPN standard leagues (19% difference there).

The second set of columns show how many players on each roster were overspent for, underspent for, then over- or underspent by more than $4. If they don't add up to 21, that's because a team had one or more players at the exact ESPN value.

If I get the time, I'll post each teams biggest reach and best deal later this week.

Update: I made time

Most of the overspent guys are who you would expect (except for me overspending on Mike Gonzalez, how dumb am I?). The underspent appear to mostly be veterans who the ESPN list liked, but that no one saw much upside on for a keeper league.

Note: If anyone else does this kind of obsessive tinkering with the league numbers, let me know and I'll be sure to throw it up here.

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