Monday, May 10, 2010

brew plop week 4

Here's the number of wins each team had after the first 4 weeks each season:

Here's some caveats first: For those who don't know, the first year of this league, we had 16 teams. We redrafted completely from year 1 to 2 and dropped 6 teams, so there's no comparables for the newly managed teams. Obviously, the two teams with new owners (marked in gray) won't have the same strategies as the teams they took over.

I adjusted for # of win inflation since we're not working on a system based on 12 categories/wins instead of 10. I also ignored losses/ties for simplicity.

Here are my initial thoughts on the through 4 weeks records:
1) The team with the best record after 4 weeks also had the best record at the end of the season
1a) but in previous two seasons, the team with the best record after four weeks was well ahead of the 2nd place team, which does not appear to be the case this year
2) The Lefties have made slow starts an annual occurence
2a) they've also made the playoffs every year
3) The Bulls are better when they don't draft the best (remaining) Indians from 1997 in 2008
4) Hopslayer is off to his best start ever, by far
5) The Dunbars are not off to their best start ever
6) I can't decide whether to refer to a team as a group (plural) or as a singular entity
7) my start to last season was pretty darned good (8-2 for 3 weeks, then a 5-5)

Still more to follow (at least the video).

Update: No more to come, here's the video recap:

Hoopslayer. Classic

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