Monday, March 16, 2009

More WBC (I'm ready for the MLB season to start)

USA won against, and eliminated the best story of the WBC thus far, Holland. The US squad will go on to play the loser of Puerto Rico v Venezuela, as detailed below.

Another interesting Sunday development was in Pool 1, where the Asian teams (Korea and Japan) both knocked down the Latin teams (Mexico and Cuba). This means that in the second game of this pool, Mex and Cuba will be playing for the 2nd time, this time for elimination instead of a letter pool championship. If anyone cares, Cuba knocked Mexico off 16-4 in a 7 inning mercy rule came before, so it should work out that Mexico wins and advances by 1 run.

On the other end, Japan and Korea will now play each other for the 3rd time, with Japan blowing out Korea in game 1, and Korea squeaking by Japan in the letter pool championship game. Hopefully, this relatively meaningless iteration will also result in an boring, error-ridden, extra-innings affair too.

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