Monday, April 06, 2009

NL West

Late to the game, but still hitting it before the season actually starts.  Lets talk about the division that no one really cares about, the NL West.

First, the order:


Next, we'll explain in reverse order:

Padres: Their first two starters are great or good (Peavy and Young), but there's no lineup there whatsoever.  Of note is that 3 of their 8 starters are former Indian farmhands (Kouzmanoff, Giles, Gerut).

Rockies:  I just don't see the pitching to make a good run at the division here.  Also, the lineup is very similar the to miracle team of two seasons ago, but it took extremly high performances by all of them to squeak out a playoff appearance (not to mention a collapse by the rest of the NL).  Big question is when are Helton and Atkins going to hit the bottom?  If they can hold off age for one more year, the mountains have a shot at .500, if not, I see the team notching wins in the high 70's.

Giants:  I think everything goes right for the Giants and they finish with about 85 wins.  If this team was transported back 5 years, I would like any rotation with Zito and the Big Unit (Johnson), not to mention seeing Randy Winn in his prime.  All the positions and pitching will be at least adequate and I think that leads to a 3rd place finish in the West.  Two questions are whether Zito or Johnson can muster another dominate season (No for Zito, average for Johnson) and how either Sandoval or Ishikawa or both might break out this year.

Dodgers:  Their lineup with a productive Manny is impressive, but any team who relies on Kuroda and Wolf to anchor the lineup can't possibly win the division, can it?

Diamondbacks:  Their lineup is the class of the NL West or Central, and their rotation is set with Webb and Haren baring injuries to either.  I'm guessing that the majority of their young hitters put it together this year and make a run deep into the playoffs.  Look for them to top 93 wins and take the division.

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