Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I hate baseball

So there are times when it is really convenient that I can sometimes pick up the local Cleveland broadcast on my car radio.  Last night, for instance, I tuned in just in time for the bottom of the 9th in a game the Indians were leading 5-2.  I was able to hear the collossal collapse of "closer" Kerry Wood, who gave up homer, homer, walk, triple, walk-off sac fly to kill everything good in my soul.


Brewfus said...

I guess our baseball happiness is a zero-sum game, because as Wood was blowing it for the Tribe last night, Dontrelle Willis was basking in having thrown 6.1 shut-out innings against the hottest team in baseball...which brings his win total, since signing a 3year, $29-million deal with the Tigers last year, to one.

Dionysum said...

Yeah, not sure if that's a great day for him or a terrible one. Good to see him back, wonder what will happen to the psyche when he gives up some runs again.

Barring a prolonged immediate winning streak, pretty sure that game was the end of the Indians season. The tribe hasn't won more than 3 games in a row this season and I believe has won exactly 1 series (and split 2 others).