Friday, July 31, 2009

I say F**K YOU Jobu

So, I've tried to write a lot this in blog, at least before my personal big move. In the last few months, I've spent most of my writing on baseball time preparing updates for the fantasy leagues I manage, which I find much more interesting as of late (perhaps because I'm doing well in those leagues and the teams I follow are, um, not doing as well in the real standings). It has been just over a month since my last entry and there's a good chance this will be the last post.

I knew when the Indians traded Cliff Lee there was a chance that Victor would go next. I decided to deny the inevitable and think that saving money on Cliff Lee would give the Indians enough money to pay Victor Martinez after the 2010 season (or perhaps an extension before the start of the 2010 season).

Trading Martinez was, on a gut level reaction, the last straw for me. Being a roaming fan, I have to make an active effort to watch Indians games, which I have still done despite the Indians being no where near contention. That is largely over, and I have, more than once, asked friends for advice about changing allegiances. The truth is, I no longer have a regional connection to Cleveland, and I spent a lot longer time period in Cincinnati. I have always followed the Reds, but not nearly with the same passion and attention that I have followed the Indians over the last 9-10 years. I never felt like a bandwagon fan in following the Indians because it was mostly based on where I was in life and the availability of Indians information. Not to mention, I started following the Indians in the first season they missed the playoffs in several years. I've only seen the Indians in the playoffs twice, once for a cup of coffee in 2001 and a great run in 2007, which now seems like ages too far away.

In those years, I've enjoyed seeing players develop and rooting for new faces, but at this point, the rebuilding is just too much for too little gain. I watched 6 years of rebuilding result in one good season, and I don't think I should expect this rebuilding effort to have any greater level of success.

In short, I spent the most on Indians apparel and such within the last year that I ever have and the same can be said for the amount of money spent on Indians related items for me. Which is even sadder for me, because I would feel stupid bothering and stupider for having put any money, much less time and interest, into the team and its well being.

I've watched as my brother's adopted team, the Red Sox, has won two world series, one at the direct expense of the Tribe. I have made several (I was going to say countless, but that's not true as the count is either 4 or 5) bets with my brother on the head to head matchups between the Red Sox and the Indians and each time I have come out for the worse. Just a few days back, I told my brother, who has often referred to the Indians as the Red Sox's farm team, that I would never forgive him if the Sox traded for Martinez. My brother assured me that wouldn't happen. I said I knew, meaning that I would eventually forgive him, but he assured me that the trade was unlikely to go through.

A few days later and I can't blame my brother, so I don't. I can come close, as he's more upset about his favorite player on the Sox, Varitek, then overjoyed at getting my favorite player. I don't blame him and at this point it would be worthless to blame him (I guess at any point really). What I am, however, is completely uninterested in the Indians for at least the rest of this year, which I've never been before the end of September. Not only that, I'm not sure that I will gain any interest in the next season, as the GM of the Indians, Mark Shapiro, has already publically stated that the Indians are unlikely to contend in 2010 and have only a remote possibility for 2011.

So if I ignore the team for a season and a half, what reason would I have to come back?

If anyone still checks this, write some suggestions on other teams I should follow and why.


Jon said...

You can branch out and be a fan of the farm team for all the teams: The Pirates

Brewfus said...

There's always room for one more in the TIgers camp - you wouldn't even have to leave the division. And with the Royals and Indians around, the Tigers are pretty much guaranteed an annual finish of no worse than third in the Central...