Monday, September 07, 2009

Brew Plop Final Regular Season Analysis

I'll put a bit of prose here, but mostly, there will be a lot of graphs outlining different ways of looking at the 2nd set of regular season final standings (no analysis from last year).

First are the normals:

Nothing all that surprising here, as the standings haven't changed drastically since the Bulls caught and passed the Uptown Five after 17-18 weeks.

The one flip-flop in the standings comes in the 2-3 spots because the ranks I'm using don't account for divisions. Burt Reynolds won the Lager division handily, but remains 4.5 games behind the Bulls for the 2nd best regular season record.

Not sure if this means anything, but the team with the best record in the league has the least number of ties (6) while the 2nd best team has the most ties (17).

There's an extreme drop-off after the #7 Dunbars, as no team was ahead of the next more than the Dunbars over the Wangdoodles (18). In fact, no other team was 10 behind the next best team.

With 10 wins a week and 22 weeks, I count 220 possible wins. Of the 10 teams, 3 won more than half the possible games, a 4th won exactly half of the possible games and another 2 won more games than they lost. Only one team made it to a .600 winning percentage and only one team managed to have less than a .400 winning percentage.

Next up, the "what would our league look like in Roto mode" standings:
Reynolds would win the roto standings, though its recognizable that the standings are largely skewed by the starting pitching streaming. The Bulls are probably the most balanced team, at least of the contenders. The Dunbars would make huge leaps up in the standings, and again, somehow, the Unicorns would fall from their charmed existence.

Number of Categories the Team is in the overall top 3 for:

BR: 6
HB: 5
BJ: 5
FD: 1
LLL: 4
BT: 3
WW: 4
FU: 0
OC: 2
TS: 0

Put this way, its most surprising that the Unicorns made the playoffs and somewhat surprising that the Wangdoodles did not. However, that would ignore a whole lot of other important factors like, you know, having players playing and not a bunch of DLers.

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