Monday, April 26, 2010

Rotating League Name Week 2

I think I figured out why Shane wanted a running total of the weekly high scores. Congrats to him (and condolences to Rod Beck) on the first 12 category sweep in league history.


I think my favorite discovery of this process is that the Van Super's have the best and worst in runs, while the Brooklyn's have the best and worst in wins, in only two weeks.

I also added this:


To get the expected wins, I summed the probability that you would win any particular category this week given the rest of the scores this week. For instance, if you had the highest amount of HR this week (13), you would win that category in 11 of 11 possible matchups.

What I see are two major standouts and a personal gripe. Shane was going to do well against anyone this week, but did even better than expected, while the Handlebars had an average week that netted nothing. The four worst teams this week played each other, so the Kids and Obamers got luckly to win some games. On the other hand, Brownie and I played each other and both came out with not so much to show for it.

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