Monday, June 21, 2010

week 10 recap brew plop

It's a good thing it's World Cup time, cause I feel like baseball is quitting on me.

I fully plan on ranting out and out and calling it a "video update" later. For now, here's some stuff (earlier than usual, because I'm awake).

First up, regular year-to-date Roto rankings (10 points for the best, 1 for worst, 120 possible)

Jon and I clearly have the best two offenses, while there is a 5-way battle for the "eh" of the worst offensive side (everyone under 30 points).
Pitching-wise, it's Buten and Bartha up front (but not quite in that order) and Max, Kevin and Matt rearing up the rear.

Overall, Jon and I are stupidly evenly matched and that's... the topic of the rant I keep promising in video form.

So because I have that awesome ranking, but still managed to lose this week, I decided to look at it a different way... NORMALIZED.

Quick caveats (I think the same ones as I had the last time I used normalized scores): All averages are averages of averages or something like that, so they are not properly weighted. Also, the standardized scores do help sort out a small difference between the 5th and 7th player in a category, but they probably overstate a dominated category (since you can only win a category point once in a week, no matter how far ahead you are).

If you want to see the full chart and each team's tendencies, click here:

Anyway, the interesting things, to me at least:
1) Jon's hitting is even better than regular roto shows, which is from being exceptional in 3 cats and good/decent in the others.
2) Jon's pitching appears to suck, because he's nailing down HA and BB, but giving up W and K and only slightly better than average in ERA and Saves.
3) Bobby's pitching is really, really good.
4) Bobby's pitching is unbelievably good because his ERA is so much better than anyone else's, which seems unsustainable.
5) Scott's lefties are below average in every hitting category.
6) Bartha's shiners are below average in every hitting category except -K's, but they are a much greater liability than the Lefties offense, which gets most of its bad from terrible R.
7) Bartha's pitching is very good.
8) Kevin's pitching has been the worst combination of bad counters and worse rates.
9) Matt is very average thanks to a offense that has woken up and a pitching staff that hasn't.
10) Mike (again) is an average team in that both his hitting and pitching are very close to average.
11) Mike and Matt are both very susceptible to luck, including who they are facing that week.
12) I don't think I've mentioned Geoff in this post yet, but the only thing I can come up with for him is that he's the top of the lowest tier, according to normalized roto scores.


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