Monday, June 21, 2010

week 11 Brew Plop Mid Season Review

I've paid precious little attention to baseball over the last week plus because of the world cup. I suppose the fantasy baseball gods have noticed this and decided to chastise me. I'm not going to give in to them for at least another week though, so that's probably good news for whoever it is I'm playing this week.

In the meantime, I'll mention that we're halfway through the regular season, which largely means that flukes are now trends and that those with large leads have to be very bad to get out of contention and vice versa for those teams not doing well.

Here's something to look at:

What you see here are two different looks at weekly wins.

The first set of columns gives weekly W, L, and T and looks strictly at whether the # of wins on the week was greater than, less than, or equal to the # of losses.

Burt and Edit are leading the pack here with 8 weekly wins a piece (Edit with only 1 weekly loss after stealing a couple of ties). The only other team with wins the majority of the first 11 weeks is the surprising Hopslayer.
Moonshine has an even weekly record at 4-4-3 and Censored is just 1 week away from a winning record.

The second set of columns also gives W, L, or T, but in this case the measure is greater than 7 W (big win), greater than 7 L (big loss), or between 5-7 wins inclusive.
This stat could also be called "Burt kills everyone". More often than not, Reynolds has come away with more than 8 W on the week. Of Edit's 8 weekly wins, only half have been of the large, convincing variety. Moonshine seems to have gone binary for his wins, as all 4 of his weekly wins were also big wins.
I believe I may be challenging Lebron's Unicorn's 2009 title of "most mediocre" with only 1 big win and 1 big loss, but 9 close matches (which have mostly been close losses, unfortunately).

The Dunbars get the unfortunate distinction of lay-down losers, as all 7 of their weekly losses have been of the big variety. The Buhls may have more weekly losses, overall, but it appears that many of those have been relatively close.

With the exception of Moonshine who has lost or tied every close week, and it appears that most of the close weeks have evened out. That is, if you split the number of close weeks for each team equally between W and L, you end up with very close to the overall W-L record.

I may or may not do more this week, since it is the halfway mark. If anyone has anything they [i]want[/i] to see for the mid-season review, do it and I'll post it up here (or tell me about it and I might do it myself).

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